Heal your eating: recover from an eating problem

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Do you have an eating problem?

Coping with food can be challenging sometimes

Are you concerened about your eating? Perhaps your loved ones are worried about you too. Any eating disorder is a serious mental illness because food is what keeps us alive. If you suspect that you have a difficulty with eating, treatment and support are essential.

The wonderful thing is that, with the right help, an eating disorder can become a thing of the past. There are many ex-sufferers living happy and healthy lives.

If you have been struggling to resolve an eating problem on your own, and need proper advice and support, I can help you to make peace with food, your body and your self.

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How I can help

Helping you to make peace with food

As someone who had her own issues with food and body image, I became committed to resolving those. After I did, I passionately wanted to help others to overcome theirs. 

I completed my nutritional therapy and hypnotherapy trainings in the '90s and added Emotional Freedom Techniques and NLP Master Practitioner (and Trainer) training soon after.

I then had specific training at the National Centre for Eating Disorders so that I could properly support clients with bulimia and anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other eating difficulties. 

In 2019, I completed the ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) training. This is a compassionate, mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

I work in a compassionate, collaborative and client-centred way. I like to make it a gentle process and we often laugh and enjoy the process! 

Modern psychological therapies can be life-changing and I love to share my skills and knowledge (from CBT, NLP, EFT, ACT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy). You build a toolbox of skills to use in many ways and for the rest of your life.

Helping you to heal & live a fabulous life!

Overcome your eating problems quickly with support

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Bulimia or anorexia nervosa

You may be very strictly dieting, purging or over exercising and be an unhealthily low weight if you are on the anorexia path.

If you are experiencing out of control binge eating and are trying to compensate by purging, you may be on the bulimia path.

These definitions don't always fit people accurately. Download the free guide below to learn more about the different eating disorders.

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Binge eating disorder

It is not widely known that there is an overeating disorder called binge eating disorder (BED). This is when an abnormally large amount of food is eaten in a short time on a frequent basis. If you have this you are likely to be very overweight or obese and suffering from health issues.

If you are a compulsive, emotional or binge eater or suspect that you have food addictions, you may benefit from the support of a therapist trained in a non-diet approach.

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Other eating problems

People don't always neatly match the eating disorder definitions and may have behaviours that are a mix of these or are even totally different issues with food such as phobias or Night Eating Syndrome (NES).

When eating problems don't fit the categories they are called OSFED (other specified feeding or eating disorder). Whatever your problem, you  are unique, and I will work with you, the person to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Book an assessment

Start with a roadmap for your healing journey

The assessment is the ideal way to start. It gives you an opportunity to see if I am the right person for you and for me to assess whether I can help you.

We meet either online or in person (Hastings area) to discuss your goals for therapy and to design together a treatment plan.

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7 steps to healing an eating problem

How to make peace with food, love your body & be a healthy weight

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